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15 Apr 2017 - Section Tulips macro has been created

A gallery dedicated to some macro shots of the tulips picked up in Cornaredo. Just a few flowers in front of a window and a curtain to photograph many details in different lighting conditions.


15 Apr 2017 - Section Tulips

Not far from Milan, in Cornaredo, a young Dutch couple has conceived and implemented the project called U-pick. Paying an entrance ticket you can access a vast field entirely cultivated with tulips, from which each person can pick up two flower. In addition to the collection area there are flower beds where you can find many colorful species of tulips.

Park inhabitant

15 Apr 2017 - Section Oasis of Sant'Alessio 2017 has been created

After one year I have visited the Oasis of Sant'Alessio, which hosts many species of birds and animals from around the world. Walking along the two thematic routes you can observe the inhabitants of the park in their daily lives. You can find additional photos in the gallery Oasis of Sant'Alessio.

Skagen Beach at sunset

31 Mar 2017 - Lofoten Islands>> read

This time I have written the article on the Lofoten Islands very quickly, after one month only. In this article I'll take you to the frozen north to discover one of the most fascinating corners that exist on the face of the earth, among breathtaking landscapes that deserve to be seen at any time of year, with or without the Nortern Lights.

Life in the middle of ice

16 Mar 2017 - Section Lofoten Islands III - Life in the middle of ice has been created

Even in a wild and sometimes hostile nature man strives to is the way of life, between light and dark, day and night, the sea and the mountains, snow and sun, water and ice, using his innate ability to adapt, as well as in any corner of the earth.

Hamnoya Bay

16 Mar 2017 - Section Lofoten Islands II - Man and nature has been created

The Northern Lights are not the only reason to visit Lofoten Islands. The presence of the sea makes the climate relatively mild, even in winter. The variability of weather and lighting conditions generate spectacular colors which make the landscapes unique.

Northern Lights

16 Mar 2017 - Section Lofoten Islands I - Unspoiled nature has been created

The Lofoten Islands, in the north of Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, is a must-see for lovers of landscape photography. The mountains extending over the horizon plunge directly into the sea and offer unusual and attractive views. In winter the Northern Lights add charm to a land that even without them would be equally wonderful.

The ridges

13 Mar 2017 - The most beautiful round trip of Mounts Sibillini>> read

Years later I had to come back walking on those fantastic ridges between the plain of Castelluccio di Norcia and Foce valley. In this article you will find the story of a new adventure along the trail through Forca Viola to Pilato Lakes, that I call the most beautiful ring of Mounts Sibillini, with some more valuable information and new pictures that I hope will make you want to come and see with your own eyes these beautiful landscapes.

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View of Castelluccio

12 Mar 2017 - Section Back to Castelluccio di Norcia has been created

Seeing again the plan of Castelluccio di Norcia after all these years has been a great satisfaction, like walking again along the path through Forca Viola to Pilato Lakes, which keep their charm unchanged. The plain has always been a destination for all photography enthusiasts and nature lovers in general. Here are more photos in addition to the existing galleries on the site.

Cliffs Of Moher

11 Oct 2016 - Sunny Ireland>> read

It is not exactly the canonical definition that is given to Ireland but during the week between May and June the country of the green meadows and the unpredictable skies seems to have taken a vacation, giving seven days of uninterrupted sunshine. It is ironic as I was prepared for a holiday in the rain.


20 Sep 2016 - Section Templaria 2016 has been created

Templaria is the name of a festival that is being held since several years in Castignano, in the province of Ascoli Piceno. For five days the small village takes visitors back in time to the Middle Ages, with exhibitions of antiquities, museums and performances by artists from all over Italy. This year fire has been the theme of the event.

Cavalcata dell'Assunta

31 Aug 2016 - Section Cavalcata dell'Assunta II has been created

The second gallery dedicated to the Palio dell'Assunta. Some more portraits taken during the parade and some pictures taken during the batteries and the final of the race that ended the intense week during which the whole town was engaged in competitions between districts and other events.

Historical procession

31 Aug 2016 - Section Cavalcata dell'Assunta I has been created

The first gallery dedicated to the Cavalcata dell'Assunta and to the historic procession that took place in Fermo on the 15th of August during the Palio, born in the province of Marche in medieval times. Before the race ladies, knights and courtiers perform in a parade through the narrow streets of the old town dressed in traditional clothings.

Natural reserve of Mount Cofano

28 Aug 2016 - Around Sicily>> read

Here is finally a rich article on last year's trip to Sicily. Don't worry, although it's been a long time Sicily is still there waiting for you. Whether you love sea, mountains, architecture or kitchen, this is a destination to be taken into account seriously for your vacation.

Connemara Park

17 Jul 2016 - Section Irland IV - Connaght and Ulster has been created

The Connaught province hosts the Connemara National Park, nature reserve offering beautiful landscapes of sea, mountain and lakes, where nature reigns unspoiled. On the north Ulster coast you can find the Giant's Causaway, a geometric natural formation of basaltic rock caused by cooling of lava as a result of ancient volcanic eruptions.

Cliffs of Moher

17 Jul 2016 - Section Irland III - Leinster and Munster has been created

This gallery is dedicated to Leinster and Munster, provinces respectively located in the east and south-west of Ireland. Among these photos you will find past and present, from the remains of their ancient monasteries to the bright colors of their villages, surrounded by nature, ranging from the gentle landscapes of beaches, islands and hills to the stunning views of the Cliffs of Moher, the dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea famous all over the world.

The Famine Memorial

17 Jul 2016 - Section Irland II - Dublin has been created

Other photos taken in the streets of Dublin and in the Trinity College. The ancient library hosts the famous Book of Kells, an ancient hand transcription of the Gospels by Irish monks, but the top floor is where you will find the most interesting part from photographic point of view: the shelves keep around five million books, including many manuscripts and first editions.

Christ Church

17 Jul 2016 - Section Ireland I - Dublin has been created

Here is the first gallery dedicated to the trip to Ireland. Dublin is a relatively small city that you will easily get around on foot. Parks, churches and monuments are marked on each guide but walking through its streets you will discover equally interesting subjects as pub and shop colorful signs, old buildings and much more.

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Flamingo Butterfly

15 May 2016 - Section Oasis of Sant'Alessio has been created

Located a few kilometers from Pavia the Oasis of Sant'Alessio is a wildlife park hosting different species of animals, especially birds, living in Europe and in the Amazonian rain forest. You will have the chance to see brightly-colored birds like the toucan, waders like flamingos, reptiles like snakes and alligators, deers, squirrels and even several types of colorful butterflies.

Suitable for those who love photography but also for families, the Oasis of Sant'Alessio is a great way to spend some time in close contact with nature and learn about its inhabitants. If you are curious and want to get closer to the world of nature photography here is a good opportunity to do some practice. If you already know it you will still have the chance to try your equipment or keep in training.

Fashion show

22 Feb 2016 - Milan and fashion week>> read

The yearly date with fashion week is coming in Milan. While insiders and curious are preparing to animate the city in this article you will find some information and the story of some anecdotes that I witnessed during the past editions, because in the end a lot of people want to see a fashion show live.

Autumn woods

23 Nov 2015 - Section Mount San Primo has been created

A few kilometers from Milan you can find several places that will lead you through the warm colors of Autumn. In the middle of the Larian Triangle, specifically from Colma di Sormano, popular destination for cyclists, a beautiful trail will take you to the top of Mount San Primo, where you can enjoy a wonderful 360 degree view over the valleys and the Alps, with Como Lake on the background.

Val Grande

22 Nov 2015 - Section Val grande - Monte Faié has been created

The Val Grande is one of the wildest areas of the Alps yet in October it turns to the classic autumn shades, which can be seen without going into the most impervious areas. In this gallery you will find some pictures taken a few weeks ago along a simple path that leads from Fantoli hut to the summit of Mount Faie.

Unusual make-up session for woman Unusual make-up session for man

22 Nov 2015 - Section Photoshow 2015 has been created

Photoshow 2015 which was held this year in Milan in the Tortona area about one month ago. A weekend dedicated to the world of photography in which you can touch and try out the latest products of the leading brands that dominate the field of photography. Cameras, lenses, tripods, backpacks, accessories: entry level and leading products available to everyone.

Most visitors are mainly attracted by the technical side of the event but the technology side is the most superficial aspect of the event. Along with the exhibition you can have the opportunity to attend several shooting sessions in various situations, from static ones to the most animated. In the gallery you will find some examples.

The most interesting thing, though sometimes overlooked, is represented by seminars by professional photographers who present their work in many different fields and it is an excellent opportunity to understand the deeper aspects of photography, without stopping to pure technical gesture.

Expo 2015

14 Aug 2015 - Hints for those who want to visit Expo 2015>> read

Some hints for those who want to visit the universal fair hosted in Milan and dedicated to food, life, planet and energy. Why, what and how to visit Expo 2015. Logistic information and thoughts to face the visit in the best way.

House covered by lava

17 Aug 2015 - Section Sicily III - Etna and the eastern coast has been created

I could not miss a gallery with a special focus on the east coast and Etna. Sicilians cohabit with this active volcano since a long time. They have to endure its periodic eruptions but they take advantage of the prosperity of its territory. Not far from the Etna the volcanic nature of the area has produced the Alcantara Gorges, a clear example of how the cooling of the lava may create spectacular rocky formations.

Mount Cofano

17 Aug 2015 - Section Sicily II - From Zingaro Reserve to Ragusa has been created

The landscapes of the Zingaro Reserve and Mount Cofano, Erice, Trapani and its salt flats, the archaeological sites of Segesta and Selinunte, Ragusa and the countries of the Baroque in its surroundings (Modica and Noto among the most important), Marzamemi, Cape Passero and Correnti Island. Sicily offers everything: nature, history and art, all accompanied by a kitchen that will just make you satisfied.


17 Aug 2015 - Section Sicily I - Aeolian Islands and Cefalù has been created

For those who plan to visit Sicily Aeolian Islands are one of the first destinations to be considered. From Milazzo with little more than one hour of navigation you can reach Lipari, the largest island, from which many excursions leave every day to take you to the discovery of some of the most beautiful places in Sicily. Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Lipari will offer you landscapes and views that you will never forget.

Woman with rice at Bac Ha market

14 Aug 2015 - Vietnam - Bac Ha and Sapa>> read

Here is finally the last part of the journey in Vietnam, in the mountains Northwest of the capital, where even today the mountain communities come together regularly to buy and sell goods. Bac Ha and Can Cau markets are two fantastic examples of exchange between different ethnic groups in the North of the country. On the other hand Sapa is very known for its terraced rice coloring its valley and providing a unique and unmissable landscape.

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Family in Bac Giang province

01 Feb 2015 - Vietnam - Bac Giang, Halong Bay and Central Vietnam>> read

In this second part of the journey in Vietnam you can find the visit to the places of CIAI remote child sponsorship, in an area outside of the classical sightseeing tours, and some of the main attractions of the country of Southeast Asia such as Halong Bay, Hoi An, known for its old town and its lanterns, and the city of Hue, the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam.

Street market

01 Feb 2015 - Vietnam - Hanoi>> read

Here is the first part of the story of the trip to Vietnam made between late August and early September of last year. A jump in a world very different from our own, with its rhythms, its rules, its solutions. The first stop was the capital city Hanoi, chaotic and full of photographic chances. From early morning to evening, in the city streets, museums and markets, the opportunities to grasp the essence of this country are many.

The rice harvest

29 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam X - Sapa has been created

Sapa is the main village in a mountainous area where rice cultivation is the major activity. To make the most of the territory the hillsides have been terraced to maximize arable land. Between the end of August and beginning of September, the rice plants that give these mountains their distinctive yellow color are cut to collect one of the most consumed and exported products of Vietnam.

Bac Ha Market

28 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam IX - Bac Ha Market has been created

Since the first light of the morning the market desks and all the surrounding streets begin to be covered with all kinds of goods, from food, to livestock and clothing, while hundreds of people move around in search of what they need or simply get together to eat and drink.

Bac Ha Market

28 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam VIII - Bac Ha Market has been created

The market of Bac Ha is undoubtedly the largest and most colorful market that can be found in the province of Lao Cai and probably in all Vietnam. Every Sunday the village is filled by the many ethnic groups that live in the surrounding areas.

Can Cau Market

28 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam VII - Can Cau Market has been created

Can Cau is one of the most famous markets taking place in the region north-west of Hanoi, located near the border with China. Every week people of different ethnic groups dressed in their characteristic costumes walk long distances to meet and buy what they need or sell their own products.

In the imperial citadel

28 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam VI - Hue has been created

Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam and is best known for its citadel that hosted the emperor during its heyday. Situated in the center of Vietnam, near the border between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, it was the site of many battles during the war.


28 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam V - Hoi An has been created

Hoi An is a small town located in the center of Vietnam. It is known for the lanterns that illuminate it at night and for the many shops that deal with the production of silk, from the collection of bugs to clothing manufacturing.

Under the rain in the bay

28 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam IV - Halong Bay has been created

Halong Bay is characterized by the presence of many small islands which, according to tradition resemble a dragon surrounded by the waters of the sea. It is one of the places named World Heritage by UNESCO and it is the most visited tourist attraction of Vietnam.

Invisible world

26 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam III - Bac Giang has been created

Here are more photos of Vietnam, this time taken in the province of Bac Giang, a very poor area north-east of Hanoi. The modest town houses now seem comfortable when compared to the woven wood ones found in this region. The standard of living is far from the one of Hanoi, but the people I met have been hospitable, willing to offer a cup of tea, a shelter from the rain or a small gift as a token of gratitude just for taking a photo of themselves.

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Purchases on the sidewalk

26 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam II - Hanoi has been created

More photos taken in Vietnam, in Hanoi, in the streets, day and night, between young people and the elderly. In this extremely chaotic city no one ever seems to stop, people are concentrated to do their job, to carry out their duties, to take advantage of a few moments of freedom or pleasure, while all around a hard to imagine motion reigns.

Barber shop

25 Sep 2014 - Section Vietnam I - Hanoi has been created

Here are the first pictures of the three-week trip in Vietnam, in a completely different world than the one I knew, where wherever you look, at every corner, at every step, you can see something new and interesting, simply because outside the schemes we are used to. A country to be visited as soon as possible, before it changes, although the hope is that it will maintain its identity intact.

Manarola at sunset

22 Jun 2014 - The Five Lands

The description of the three-day trip to the Five Lands, where you'll find in perfect harmony sea and mountains, fabulous landscapes and characteristic views. In this article I tell the main features of the most popular villages of the Ligurian coast, reached one by one through the paths that connect them along the coast and inland, offering stunning views of the pretty villages and of the lush and wild nature that surrounds them and made ​​them famous.


15 Jun 2014 - Section Five Lands has been created

The Five Lands are among the most visited seaside resorts of Italy. Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore: five small villages built between the clear waters of the marine reserve and the mountains rising behind them. A challenge to the nature that saw the man beaten after the flood that has devastated this area a few years ago. The signs are still there, but the Five Lands still offer great views and breathtaking landscapes.


10 Jun 2014 - Tour of Mount Confinale>> read

After the gallery here is the article telling about the three-day hike around Mount Confinale, passing by the V Alpini Hut and the Forni Hut. A tour of about forty kilometers in the Stelvio National Park, starting at about 1600m and walking up to the 3000m of Zebrù Pass. A little difficult but very rewarding thanks to the pleasant meetings.

V Alpini hut

09 Jun 2014 - Section Tour of Mount Confinale has been created

Here is finally the gallery about the tour of Mount Confinale, made ​​in July last year. It's not exactly an example of good timing, but late is better than never. Landscapes in the mountains, nature and animals are the themes of the gallery. Coming soon also the story of the trekking.

Colon market

26 May 2014 - Valencia>> read

After publishing the two galleries I couldn't miss an article describing the main attractions of the city and its surroundings, with some advices to avoid losing its most interesting sights. The city has a long history, but it is also known for its futuristic buildings designed by Santiago Calatrava and the Albufera, the natural park located a few kilometers from the centre.

Valencia Biopark - Elephants

26 May 2014 - Section Valencia - The Biopark has been created

The Biopark of Valencia is one of the main attractions of the city. If you are thinking about the classic zoo with animals sadly confined in small spaces then you're wrong. The Biopark is organized in such a way to provide its inhabitants adequate spaces and to visitors the chance to observe them from a privileged point of view. There are four thematic areas: savanna, equatorial africa, Madagascar and wetlands.

City of Arts and Science

26 May 2014 - Section Valencia has been created

Despite not being among the most popular European destinations Valencia will amaze you. Here you will find a concentration of history, modern architecture and nature, a warm weather, a friendly atmosphere and most important many opportunities to take beautiful photographs. Not to be missed the City of Arts and Science and the Bioparc.

Milan between the two wars

10 Feb 2014 - Milan between the two wars

Still in Milan for one week the exposition dedicated to the city and to its history at the beginning of '900. At Palazzo Morando the historical archive of Arnaldo Chierichetti, photographer that tells through his pictures the city the way it was, the streets with their old names, the navigli now mostly disappeared, the historical shops and much more. More information on the official website. Free entrance.

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Kandinsky in Milan Yellow-red-blue Composition IX

11 Jan 2014 - Kandinsky exhibition in Milan

From December 17th to April 27th Milan is hosting the exhibition dedicated to Vassily Kandinsky. The rooms of Palazzo Reale host the works of the famous painter belonging to the collection of the Centre Pompidou of Paris. The many creations trace the studies and the evolution of the Russian painter, from the time of post-impressionism to the abstract art, in all its shades, from the richest and most complex representations to the schematic and geometric ones. Many sketches and experiments too, with the most varied technics: lithography, xylography, drypoint.

Red stain, Yellow-red-blue, Composition IX are between the most famous paintings. You can find additional information on the official website.

Considered the father of abstract painting, Kandinsky wrote several treatises concerning not only painting but also its relationship with the music. In his works forms and colors represent the means by which the artist can stimulate the feelings of the observer. He made a famous comparison between painting and music, in which the eyes are the hammers and the colors are the keys of the grand piano that represents the soul.

The exhibition is extensive and well-organized. At the entrance, included in the ticket price, you can pick up the audio guide that allows you to listen to the explanations of the main works and some insights. Reduced ticket with different cards (ATM, COOP, etc).

Despite being a painting exhibition this is also an interesting chance for all lovers of photography. Visit is highly recommended!

Fiera dell'Artigiano Milano 2013

16 Dec 2013 - Section Artisans Fair Milan 2013 has been created

Milan Artisans Fair, that takes place every year in Milan has come to the end about one week ago. A huge space dedicated to the artisans from all over the world, from the closest regions of Italy to the most unknown and remote areas of the rest of the world. A very good opportunity to have a glance on the multiple cultures and their products. Many chances to capture some good shots, preferably during the week and in the evening, when it is less crowded.

Canon Live Experience 2013

14 Dec 2013 - Canon Live Experience 2013>> read

With a small delay here is the article that tells about the first edition of Canon Live Experience, continuing the tradition of Fotografica. In this article you will find the description of the event and the story of the most significant presentations I attended, with Nino Migliori, Giovanni Gastel and Stefano Torrione (in strict order of appearance).

Canon Live Experience

10 Nov 2013 - Canon Live Experience

It's November and many of you may wonder when Fotografica 2013 will take place. If you didn't find any news don't worry since the date with the world of photography organized by Canon hasn't been cancelled but simply changed its name: Canon Live Experience. The duration has been reduced (from 5 to 3 days) and the location has changed, but the formula remains the same: workshop, discussions, expositions. You can find the official calendar on Canon website. If you don't know the event you can find the description of the latest edition in my article Fotografica 2012.

Deauville - The beach

25 Set 2013 - Paris, Normandy and a bit of Britain>> read

After the three galleries dedicated to this trip here is the article describing it from the start to the end. Two weeks passed between the villages of Normandy and its unmistakable panoramas, with a three-night stop in Paris and a short stage along the Loire castles.

If you are planning a trip in Normandy you absolutely need to read this article.


22 Sep 2013 - Section Normandia II has been created

On a trip so rich a single gallery couldn't be enough, so here are more photos of Normandy, precisely from the area of the famous landing to Mont Saint-Michel. Despite the time available was not sufficient to go further, this collection also contains a small parenthesis in Britain, in the picturesque Saint-Malo.

Etretat - Falesie all'alba

22 Sep 2013 - Section Normandia I has been created

Here is finally the first gallery dedicated to Normandy, with photos taken in the first part of the journey: Giverny, Rouen, Etretat, Trouville-sur-Mer, Deauville are just some of the countries where any lover of photography should go at least once. The characteristic half-timbered houses will accompany your journey to discover breathtaking panoramas.

A few days in Paris

30 Aug 2013 - A few days in Paris>> read

After publishing the gallery I realized I had something to write about Paris. In the end I have been there already four times and I felt like I had to tell my impressions, especially after this last travel, where I noted much more things than I did the other times.


28 Aug 2013 - Section Paris has been created

Here is a section I wanted to upload since a long time. The problem is I had not enough pictures. The travel recently done in Normandy (a dedicated section is coming soon), with a stop in Paris, finally gave ne the chance to upload this gallery. Monuments, characteristic places and much more. Maybe some photos are not very original, but others are not that bad... The most have been taken in Montmartre.

Forlanini parc

27 Aug 2013 - Gallery update

Photos started to be a bit too many to be contained in a unique gallery, so I decided to split them in subgalleries, each containing twelve photo collections. The main page shows a representative picture and the list of collections. Moreover it is possible to search within the whole website through the search tool on the top right corner of the page.

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Forlanini park Forlanini park

25 May 2013 - Section Forlanini park

The Forlanini park is located in the east of Milan, close to the airport of Linate. Perhaps less known and frequented than other parks in Milan, but not less beautiful. Open spaces, many trees and a little pond are its characteristics. I have gathered some photos taken in the last years, at the beginning of spring, when the branches of the trees stretch out and start turning to green, and during summer, when the low light of the sunset heats the leafy branches of the weeping willows on the shores of the little pond while the swans gently move its waters./p >

Like a model

24 May 2013 - Section Milano design cubes has been created

Ok, fashion week is over since more than a month, but these cubes were so nice that I decided to dedicate them a section in the gallery/002. Inside a space in Paolo Sarpi area anyone could take his/her own wooden cube and decorate it according to personal taste with woolen threads, buttons, beads and other simple items. The result was an explosion of colored creations, which I hope I represented in a worthy way ...

Flowers macro

23 May 2013 - Section Macro fiori has been created

After months of stop here are finally some new photos. Ok, I know, there is not a great variety of flowers and they are not rigorously all macro, but this is the first name that has come to my mind... And after all they are all taken with the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro. Some photos of our orchid, currently alone but not for a long time, others taken in a few days outside. Unfortunately it is not the spring that I had in my mind, but (for now) I have to be satisfied with it...

Night snowfall in Milan

20 Feb 2013 - Section Night snowfall in Milan has been created

Before spring comes (it still looks distant enough) here are some of the images captured during some of the evening snowfalls in Milan, that fortunately didn't miss this year. Going out is not generally the first thing that comes to mind, and in fact people wandering for the city are few and the snow, the lights and the wet roads create a very particular atmosphere. A few snapshots but quite significative in my opinion...

French section

15 Feb 2013 - Site translated to French language

Finally the website is available in French. With a bit of difficulty I have translated the main pages, including news. Unfortunately, articles are not available, but they can be automatically translated using Google Translator. Far from the best, but at least I made a small step forward...

Sorry for the mistakes I certainly made...

Verona Arene Verona

06 Feb 2013 - Section Verona has been created

Verona is well known for being Romeo and Juliet city, but this has become a commercial aspect. Verona is a livable city that can give great satisfaction by day and by night, under the rain and under the sun, walking by the streets and inside its churches. In this gallery/002 you can find the photos taken during the last week-end, mainly at the end of a day where rain almost never stopped falling, as much annoying in its insistence as generous in providing evocative atmospheres.

Shooting landscapes

27 Jan 2013 - Shooting landscapes>> read

Here is the first articles with a few hints about how to shoot in some situations. Let's start with a topic which should be interesting to several photography enthusiasts: landscapes. Some hints about lenses, camera settings and accessories which may be useful to get the top out of your gear, but also practical advices, because technique is often not enough, you need to observe.


21 Jan 2013 - Section Favourites updated

One year after came to life I though it was worth to update my favourites. Looking at the photos taken in the last twelve months it was not easy to choose the most representative ones, thus don't forget to take a look at the gallery and categories section as well, you could find something even more interesting.

Fotografica 2012

16 Jan 2013 - Fotografica 2012>> read

I know we are already in 2013, but Fotografica, event organized by Canon since a few years, deserved an article. Five days dedicated to photography, with debates, workshops, expositions: everything a photography enthusiast can wish and much more. Excellent chance for those who want to get closer to photography world, event not to be missed by those who already know it. In this article you will find a few words about the meetings that left their mark.


10 Jan 2013 - Section Articles has been created

I decided to group the articles written up to now in a single page, to make serch and reference easier. Articles are currently sorted by topics: events, hikes, hints, reviews, themes, travels and other articles. In every section latest articles are on the top.

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Choosing a lens

09 Jan 2013 - Choosing a lens>> read

How to choose a new lens? This is a question you will have to ask yourself, sooner or later. If you want to extend or renewyour gear you will have to extricate between focal length, aperture, optics characteristics, image stabilization and so on. This article tries to give you some suggestions to understand what to buy based on your needs, thus avoiding wrong choises.

If joy...

11 Dec 2012 - Section Sant'Ambrogio snowfall has been created

After a brief snowfall on Sant'Ambrogio I had to take the chance to capture some pictures ofMilan covered by the snow. However, this time I decided to stay in my home surroundings: it is not necessary to go far away, it suffice to pay attention to what is surrounding us...

Milan - Artisans Fair

11 Dec 2012 - Section Artisans Fair has been created

After stopping for a few months (and no pictures about autumn) I finally managed to upload something new. Ideas are many, but unfortunately time is short. In this gallery you will find some pictures taken at the Artisans Fair which is held every year in Milan during Sant'Ambrogio week. A few shots taken an evening during the week, when in theory it should not be so croudy... In theory...

Milano Fashion Design 2012

25 Sep 2012 - Section Milano Fashion Design 2012 has been created

I uploaded some photos taken during Fashion Week which recently finished in Milan. Unfortunately, no portraits during make-up and hair-styling this time (you can find some shots from past editions in MMD - Backstage, Fashion week and B&W portraits sections), but only some shots from fashion shows organized by Mondadori and other sponsors for Milano Fashion Design, in Libertu Square. Better than nothing...


23 Sep 2012 - Section Orchids has been created

Last week I had the chance to take pictures of some among the most interesting flowers: orchids. Colorful, complex and full of details: another opportunity to put to the test my new Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro. This time I didn't even need to go out, all I needed was a tripod, sunlight (but not too much) and a little of patience...

Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro

14 Set 2012 - Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro>> read

Since I didn't find much information about it, I decided to write a few lines to describe my impressions about my last purchase: Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens. No graphics nor lab tests, just a practical description and some pictures to see the performance of this lens, ideal not only for macrophotography. Currently this article is only available in Italian version, but it will be translated soon.

The look of the fox

01 Sep 2012 - Section Gran Paradiso Park has been created

While waiting for some additional photo taken in the Marche here are those taken during the last week-end: two days in Gran Paradiso Park, more precisely in the region between Pont Valsavarenche, Colle del Nivolet and Colle Leynir. Beautiful landscapes, made of mountains, glaciers and lakes, and a rich local fauna, with marmots, hermines, ibexes, chamoises and foxes.

Lake Devero The house and the rock

23 Jul 2012 - Section Alpe Devero - Passo della Rossa has been created

After Autumn experience here is the return to Alpe Devero, this time in Summer: these photos have been taken during the excursion which starts and ends on Alpe Devero plain, after a steep climb up to Passo della Rossa and Passo di Crampiolo. The landscape is constantly changing: going up the rich vegetation becomes more and more sparse, leaving room to a landscape made of red rocks and snow, dominated by sharp mountains, while the descent reveals Devero Lake green valley.

Sella delle Ciaule Pilato Lakes

12 Jul 2012 - From Castelluccio di Norcia to Pilato Lakes (Italian version)>> read

In this article (currently only in Italian version) I will tell you about the route that leads to discover the misterious Pilato Lakes, leaving Castelluccio di Norcia and going through Forca Viola, after walking on some of Sibillini Mounts highest peaks. It is an excursion where your eyes will linger between the lakes valley, which descends down to Foce, and the magnificent scenery of Castelluccio plain, which offers the flowering spectacle between June and July.

20 Jul 2012 - Update

I created Pilato Lakes section inside the gallery, including some pictures about the excursion and something more.

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Saint-Chely-du-Tarn Camargue Horses

24 Jun 2012 - Provence, Camargue and Tarn Gorges>> read

Here is the article (currently only in Italian version) telling about the trip done in Provence, Camargue and Tarn Gorges, with their landscapes immersed in nature, between sea, ponds and prairies, surrounded by the local fauna, with flamingos, horses and bulls. There are also many opportunities to admire the history of these regions, whose traces are scattered everywhere, with ruins, monuments and architectural elements ranging from antiquity to modern times.

14 Jul 2012 - Update

I decided to create to create Provence, Camargue and Tarn Gorges section inside the gallery, even if it was not easy to select the photos: looking at them after such a long time I think I would currently take them differently...


17 May 2012 - Section Flowers has been created

I decided to have a look at some more or less recent photos to choose among them the ones to publish in the Flowers section. After all, we are still in spring, so I think this is the best time to do it.

For those who love this genre a macro lens turns out to be convenient, but you can achieve satisfactory results even without it.

Furniture fair

30 Apr 2012 - Section Furniture fair has been created

As it happens since several years, at the end of April Milan is populated by industry experts and simple lovers of furniture and design, that fill the city for the design fair. The opportunities for those who love this genre are numerous, from the most classic to the much more daring and imaginative.

In this section of the gallery you can find some photos taken at the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation.

Black & White portraits

04 Apr 2012 - Section Categories has been created

Up to now I always uploaded the photos in the gallery, where they are arranged chronologically and based on the particular event (travel, season, etc.). However, since it may be more convenient to search for photos based on their type rather than by this organization, I decided to add a section that contains a selection of photos (some already published and others unpublished) sorted by category. For now I uploaded B&W portraits section.

Spring flowers

31 Mar 2012 - Section Spring flowers uploaded

Here are some pictures taken this morning at the public garden of via Palestro and at the garden of Villa Reale, where despite the trees already dropped their flowers the many flowerbeds offer a chance to admire various colored flowers. I wanted to shoot with a more diffused light, but this morning I was too tired to wake up earlier... The sun was quite high, but I noticed that the light through the petals makes a very nice effect!

Spring at the park

28 Mar 2012 - Section Spring at the park uploaded

Since someone complains that in the last posted pictures there was still the snow here are some photos taken at the public park of Via Palestro. Actually some of them were talen last year... There are few, but with the arrival of spring here is finally a little bit of color!


22 Mar 2012 - Nital service>> read

The camera is back since a few days!

Here is the article which explains how it finished up ;-)

This article is only available in Italian version. Sorry for the inconvenience.


12 Mar 2012 - Camera sent to service

Unfortunately I had to send my camera to service since I realized it had a focusing issue (which is noticeable in the photos taken during fashion week). Camera and lens packaged and sent last week, and apparently arrived at their destination. For now I do not say anything else, hoping everything will go well... If you have any doubts about your camera have a look here (italian only).

Fashion week

04 Mar 2012 - Section Fashion week uploaded

Here are finally the pictures taken during the fashion week in Milan. No particular news this time, but I tried to add photos of some famous or at least distinctive person. In some cases I think I succeeded.

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Winter in Milan's parks

25 Feb 2012 - Section Winter in Milan's parks uploaded

I added some pictures taken two weeks ago at the quarries park and around. Meanwhile the snow has already melted and now it seems already spring, but I had already chosen the photos... :-)

Snow in Milan Robin

12 Feb 2012 - Section Snow in Milan uploaded

Here are some photos taken lsat week at Parco Sempione and surroundings. Unfortunately the light was not that good, but I was able to get something.

The good news (at least for me...) is that the cold week and the weak snowfall helped to keep the snow conditions acceptable, at least in the parks. Next to come this morning's photos!

Milan under the snow

Feb 2, 2012 - Milan under the snow>> read

Finally the snow has come, even if this year we had to wait a bit more...

Feb 3, 2012 - Update

Unfortunately, despite the very low temperature, snow is quickly melting, but tomorrow morning it should be possible to get some shots.

Alpe Devero

Jan 26, 2012 - Section Alpe Devero uploaded

Slightly north of Domodossola and a few kilometers from Switzerland lies the National Park of Veglia-Devero, a highland at about 1600 meters. Once you reach the destination you can forget your car and enjoy the wonderful landscape surrounding you. At Devero it is possible to practice winter sports and to do long summer walks to visit the many large and small lakes of this area. My advice is to take advantage of the autumn: low season, few people and wonderful colors.

Milano Moda Donna Fashion Shows Milano Moda Donna Backstage

Jan 26, 2012 - Section Milano Moda Donna uploaded (Fashion shows and Backstage)>> read

Here are some photos taken during Milano fashion week at the end of September. Fashion is not really among my main interests, but this event represents a great chance to take pictures in a contest which is not available every day.

11 Feb 2012 - Update

The section is now splitted in two parts: one about fashion shows, for those who want to see the clothes, and one about the backstage, with the pictures taken during models making up and hair dressing.


Jan 24, 2012 - Section Barcellona uploaded

Some shots from the vacation week spent in Barcelona, which I visited for the second time (but for the first one with my reflex!). This section presents an overview of the main attractions of the city, which based on its features offers a great opportunity to shoot architecture photography.


Jan 24, 2012 - Section Marche uploaded

Some shots taken among the smooth hills and medieval villages of this region that only recently has been more appreciated. The Marche offer landscapes of any kind, from the wonderful sea to the gentle hills and the beautiful mountains of the National Park of Monti Sibillini, all interspersed by medieval villages that may reserve pleasant surprises. A few kilometers lets you see all this. This section will not certainly be the only one about the Marche.

Castelluccio Di Norcia

Jan 24, 2012 - Section Castelluccio di Norcia uploaded>> read

Lost village in the middle of a vast highland on the border between Umbria and Marche, surrounded by mountains and totally immersed in nature, light years far away from the world we know. Many come to take a day trip, perhaps during the flowering period of the lentil, but the advice is to sleep here a few nights, staying in one of the few structures to better appreciate the beauty of the environment and the many walks you can do in this area.


Jan 22, 2012 - has come to life!>> read

After some time and so many thoughts the site is finally online. The first photos are available in the gallery.

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