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15 Apr 2017 - Section Tulips macro has been created

A gallery dedicated to some macro shots of the tulips picked up in Cornaredo. Just a few flowers in front of a window and a curtain to photograph many details in different lighting conditions.


15 Apr 2017 - Section Tulips

Not far from Milan, in Cornaredo, a young Dutch couple has conceived and implemented the project called U-pick. Paying an entrance ticket you can access a vast field entirely cultivated with tulips, from which each person can pick up two flower. In addition to the collection area there are flower beds where you can find many colorful species of tulips.

Park inhabitant

15 Apr 2017 - Section Oasis of Sant'Alessio 2017 has been created

After one year I have visited the Oasis of Sant'Alessio, which hosts many species of birds and animals from around the world. Walking along the two thematic routes you can observe the inhabitants of the park in their daily lives. You can find additional photos in the gallery Oasis of Sant'Alessio.

Skagen Beach at sunset

31 Mar 2017 - Lofoten Islands>> read

This time I have written the article on the Lofoten Islands very quickly, after one month only. In this article I'll take you to the frozen north to discover one of the most fascinating corners that exist on the face of the earth, among breathtaking landscapes that deserve to be seen at any time of year, with or without the Nortern Lights.

Life in the middle of ice

16 Mar 2017 - Section Lofoten Islands III - Life in the middle of ice has been created

Even in a wild and sometimes hostile nature man strives to is the way of life, between light and dark, day and night, the sea and the mountains, snow and sun, water and ice, using his innate ability to adapt, as well as in any corner of the earth.

Hamnoya Bay

16 Mar 2017 - Section Lofoten Islands II - Man and nature has been created

The Northern Lights are not the only reason to visit Lofoten Islands. The presence of the sea makes the climate relatively mild, even in winter. The variability of weather and lighting conditions generate spectacular colors which make the landscapes unique.

Northern Lights

16 Mar 2017 - Section Lofoten Islands I - Unspoiled nature has been created

The Lofoten Islands, in the north of Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, is a must-see for lovers of landscape photography. The mountains extending over the horizon plunge directly into the sea and offer unusual and attractive views. In winter the Northern Lights add charm to a land that even without them would be equally wonderful.

The ridges

13 Mar 2017 - The most beautiful round trip of Mounts Sibillini>> read

Years later I had to come back walking on those fantastic ridges between the plain of Castelluccio di Norcia and Foce valley. In this article you will find the story of a new adventure along the trail through Forca Viola to Pilato Lakes, that I call the most beautiful ring of Mounts Sibillini, with some more valuable information and new pictures that I hope will make you want to come and see with your own eyes these beautiful landscapes.

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