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Something about me...

Though I don't like so much speaking about me I have to say something... But don't expect that much :-)

Well, my name is Gianluca and I was born in Milano, Italy, in 1975.

Ehm... Not enough, right? Though this website is about photography I do something completely different in my life. I have always been interested in technical subjects (I studied informatics first and then electronic engeneering). Photography finally gave me the chance to mix technics with something definitely more creative.

I like nature and especially mountain, though I only discovered it recently.

Since a few years I started to study french in my free time and though I do not have much time sooner or later I could try to create a french version of the website.

Why this website

Why building this website when there are tons of information about photography on the web?

There is not a single answer. Useless to say that the main reason, though not all the people admit it, is certainly to show the result of my own passion, what I learnt and what I am continuously learning. However I also like the idea to collect not only some of the pictures I took, but also what I learned up to now, either by experience or by searching on the web on the many websites I visited and appeciated.

What you will find on this website

For sure a lot of photos, which you can see in the gallery, where I also included EXIF data so that you can get shooting data (and mistakes). All the web albums have been generated with jAlbum using Classic Aligned skin.

In the news section you can find the description of visited places, events and situations, as well as some digressions which I would like to add from time to time. I also tried to put in a little of practical information (characteristics of places, what you can find, dates of events) and I pointed out the equipment I used on various occasions, hoping to give some useful advice. The equipment is not necessarily the best (the 70-200 or 400mm would be nice to use, but first you have to buy them ...). Clearly, this is my point of view, I do not pretend that everyone share my opinion and in case you have comments or objections I will be happy to listen.

I would also like to write some articles to help anybody who is approaching photography. A lot of well done technical articles can already be found on the web, therefore I would like to help mainly who is struggling to retrieve the right information out of the huge amount of webpages which can be found all around. However I am aware this is a challenging job, therefore I still don't know whether or not articles section will see the light. Currently it is currently under construction.

Nevertheless I hope you can find on this website something interesting and/or useful. The website is currently available in italian and english.

My gear






If you would like any information about any of these items don't hesitate to ask: I will be happy to provide my opinion.

Contact me

In case you have any comment and/or anything to report about the website, photos, articles which (sooner or later) I hope to upload you can contact me at this address. Criticisms are wellcome as well. Don't hesitate to write!