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View of Castelluccio

12 Mar 2017 - Section Back to Castelluccio di Norcia has been created

Seeing again the plan of Castelluccio di Norcia after all these years has been a great satisfaction, like walking again along the path through Forca Viola to Pilato Lakes, which keep their charm unchanged. The plain has always been a destination for all photography enthusiasts and nature lovers in general. Here are more photos in addition to the existing galleries on the site.

Cliffs Of Moher

11 Oct 2016 - Sunny Ireland>> read

It is not exactly the canonical definition that is given to Ireland but during the week between May and June the country of the green meadows and the unpredictable skies seems to have taken a vacation, giving seven days of uninterrupted sunshine. It is ironic as I was prepared for a holiday in the rain.


20 Sep 2016 - Section Templaria 2016 has been created

Templaria is the name of a festival that is being held since several years in Castignano, in the province of Ascoli Piceno. For five days the small village takes visitors back in time to the Middle Ages, with exhibitions of antiquities, museums and performances by artists from all over Italy. This year fire has been the theme of the event.

Cavalcata dell'Assunta

31 Aug 2016 - Section Cavalcata dell'Assunta II has been created

The second gallery dedicated to the Palio dell'Assunta. Some more portraits taken during the parade and some pictures taken during the batteries and the final of the race that ended the intense week during which the whole town was engaged in competitions between districts and other events.

Historical procession

31 Aug 2016 - Section Cavalcata dell'Assunta I has been created

The first gallery dedicated to the Cavalcata dell'Assunta and to the historic procession that took place in Fermo on the 15th of August during the Palio, born in the province of Marche in medieval times. Before the race ladies, knights and courtiers perform in a parade through the narrow streets of the old town dressed in traditional clothings.

Natural reserve of Mount Cofano

28 Aug 2016 - Around Sicily>> read

Here is finally a rich article on last year's trip to Sicily. Don't worry, although it's been a long time Sicily is still there waiting for you. Whether you love sea, mountains, architecture or kitchen, this is a destination to be taken into account seriously for your vacation.

Connemara Park

17 Jul 2016 - Section Irland IV - Connaght and Ulster has been created

The Connaught province hosts the Connemara National Park, nature reserve offering beautiful landscapes of sea, mountain and lakes, where nature reigns unspoiled. On the north Ulster coast you can find the Giant's Causaway, a geometric natural formation of basaltic rock caused by cooling of lava as a result of ancient volcanic eruptions.

Cliffs of Moher

17 Jul 2016 - Section Irland III - Leinster and Munster has been created

This gallery is dedicated to Leinster and Munster, provinces respectively located in the east and south-west of Ireland. Among these photos you will find past and present, from the remains of their ancient monasteries to the bright colors of their villages, surrounded by nature, ranging from the gentle landscapes of beaches, islands and hills to the stunning views of the Cliffs of Moher, the dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea famous all over the world.

The Famine Memorial

17 Jul 2016 - Section Irland II - Dublin has been created

Other photos taken in the streets of Dublin and in the Trinity College. The ancient library hosts the famous Book of Kells, an ancient hand transcription of the Gospels by Irish monks, but the top floor is where you will find the most interesting part from photographic point of view: the shelves keep around five million books, including many manuscripts and first editions.

Christ Church

17 Jul 2016 - Section Ireland I - Dublin has been created

Here is the first gallery dedicated to the trip to Ireland. Dublin is a relatively small city that you will easily get around on foot. Parks, churches and monuments are marked on each guide but walking through its streets you will discover equally interesting subjects as pub and shop colorful signs, old buildings and much more.

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