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It has come to life! Finally I decided to put the website online and I hope to keep it alive.

It's been more than two years since I bought my reflex to replace the old compact camera with whom I had collected my memories, without any special photographic requirements: classic landscapes, classic photos, no claim. At first I was very undecided about which to buy, but in the end the choice fell on an SLR. A big step for who leaves a compact without even knowing how much the new camera is going to be used. But I can say that this purchase has changed my life. Ok, these words are a bit too strong, I do not want to exagerate, but discovering photography was finally discovering everything around me, what I looked but could not yet see.

At first I was mainly worried to learn to use all those wheels and buttons, thinking more about the technical matter than anything else, until the time to shoot came. The first shots were the continuation of what I did before with my compact camera. Although they were a little trivial they were already able to give me more satisfaction, perhaps due to the "responsibility" to use a reflex camera more than due to their real beauty. Then the enthusiasm gradually growed up, fed by curiosity, by discussions, by searching information online. Every aspect took its own value, until the camera has become an almost inseparable companion. Why leave it at home and risk losing the possibility of a shot? Although the picture finally reveals itself to fall short of expectations it is always worth taking it and then maybe try to understand what was wrong rather than not taking it and think about how beautiful it could have been.

Every opportunity, every event, every simple walk has become an chance to look around, observe and note the details previously invisible. The seasons, the colors, the landscapes, people, situations. There are lots of possible subjects and even more combinations thereof. Usually people approach photography because they appreciate what is around them and they decide to capture it. For me, the opposite happened: the lens has unveiled what my eyes could not see before.

At this point I have to do a brief consideration about digital photography. Set aside all considerations on the possibility of alter images and reality, it has undoubtedly had the great merit to make people approach to this world that previously belonged to a rather narrow circle of persons, those who had already seen the light. Surely it was more difficult for them because only passion could overcome the old obstacles: limited number of shots, long waits for the development and considerable costs. However, I believe that digital photography has finally rewarded their perseverance, as well as giving them a great advantage because of the sensitivity inevitably acquired through the film. So basically I was a little out of luck, but lucky in bad luck.

Once during a walk I met an old man who walked my same path. Me with my digital Nikon, him with his analog Canon and 50mm. We both stopped to take a picture. Basically the way we captured the subject, point of view, sensor or film, did not matter much. The important thing was seeing it with our eyes, because that's what really counts.

But now I do not want you to think that this site contains only words, so I leave you to the gallery and to the other news.

- Jan 22, 2012 -

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